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quo vadis?
11 January 2011

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purple rain
13 January 2011

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smooth sea
26 May 2013

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love you, hate you
21 May 2013

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15 January 2011

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purple rain
13 January 2011

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24 May 2010

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4 May 2010

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prisoner of words
10 February 2009

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shaped shadows II
26 June 2008

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daily poetry
24 May 2008

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13 September 2007

Recent Comments

creativenid on a new life
very nice photo editing work.

Albert Manso on smooth sea
Nice capture!

Kahem on the other Cullen sister
Ce portrait est vraiment magnifique.

L'angevine on schirmtanz
je te félicite pour cet instant sous l'eau

omid on smooth sea
woooow! very nice & wonderful! Beautiful frame, clouds, colors & lights!

John Jungklaus on tomorrow never dies
wow - this is amazing !!

Aubélia on only broken hearts can sing
Beautiful shot

John Jungklaus on smooth sea
Calisto - Fantastic !!

KriKridesign on love you, hate you
Welcome back!

Abena on once upon a time
This is absolutely gorgeous, it looks like a scene from a fairytale :-) Great processing too!

Abena on smooth sea
I agree with the saying. The color is beautiful, I love the layers and especially your processing, fantastic!

Basile Pesso on wild at heart
Super sensual, and very well caught.

Basile Pesso on love you, hate you
Wonderful. Superb tone.

Basile Pesso on once upon a time
Very strange, maybe overprocessed :-) But excellent and almost incredible sky, and maybe a spotlight.

Baldwin Vandewalle on once upon a time
Spectacular view ... the sky colors and the clouds are fascinating !!!

Curly on once upon a time
Oh yes, I could enjoy plenty more of this. Welcome back after the longish break, a new home and a new adventure. You ...

Michael Rawluk on rainbow
Beautifully done. I like those tones.

saran on wild at heart
What a wonderful Excellent light. lovely very nice girl

saran on the other Cullen sister
wonderful capture. Excellent lovely

saran on the other Cullen sister
What a wonderful . Excellent light.

saran on la vie en rose...
What a wonderful capture. Excellent lovely

What a wonderful capture. Excellent lovely .

saran on belle rose
What a wonderful capture. Excellent . hovely

saran on love you, hate you
what a capturre wonderful

Aubélia on the story of who I am
Well done !!!

Aubélia on belladonna

Aubélia on purple rain
Les couleurs sont magnifiques!

Aubélia on walking on a dream V
J'aime bien!

Aubélia on cleaning my soul
Very nice

Aubélia on porcelain heart I
Que c'est beau!

Abena on Shahin
Congrats...this is beautiful, a really sweet image.

KELA on free your mind
Wow, this is like the most beautiful picture I've ever seen!

sara on the other Cullen sister

xx on free your mind
what does all of it symbolize?

Basile Pesso on bittersweet
Superb again.

Basile Pesso on melancholy room
Another great one.

Basile Pesso on it took time
Magnificent !

Basile Pesso on you walk away
Masterpiece !

Basile Pesso on What is in your mind
Superb !

Basile Pesso on she shines
Surprising and magical !

Basile Pesso on you've got the light
Excellent framing and magnificent light !

Basile Pesso on sweet temptation
Superb !

Basile Pesso on treat her like a lady
Super sensual and excellently framed.

Basile Pesso on Love incarnate
Excellent !

Basile Pesso on raspberry blur
Very beautiful.

Basile Pesso on tale of my soul
Splendide également !

Basile Pesso on muse
Splendide !

Valérie Simonnet on muse
une merveille

Riccardo on I am no angel
Yes for sure!!!

Gary Thaxton on thinking back to times of yesterday
Very good portrait. Skin tones just right for black and white.

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